Tim Jopling – Direct Financial Solutions
Tim Jopling – Direct Financial Solutions

Wealth and Asset Protection

Most of us aspire to build up some wealth and asset’s during our lifetime. Hanging on to that wealth and asset’s can be the difficult part. During your working life the taxman wants his share so do the local authority . If you make a financial gain the taxman wants a bit more. When you die the taxman may want a bit or indeed a lot more.

If you end up going into long term care that can take even more of your hard earned wealth. The local authority can and will take the value of your family home into the account and may take a legal charge over it to secure repayment of funding costs.


At Direct Financial Solutions we try and minimise the impact of taxes be that;


Income Tax , Capital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax. We use strategies to help preserve your wealth and make sure it eventually goes the people that you want to.


We also have some great solutions to mitigate long term care costs.


There are a number of straight forward steps that can be taken to avoid this loss of capital, income or asset’s including the family home.

Let me help you preserve your wealth so that you and your family can enjoy more of it.

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